Ghost Stories I Remember


'I remember lying in bed one night when I was about fifteen and feeling a hand tap me on the shoulder twice. I presumed it was my sister and so I turned around and, in an irritated voice asked ‘’What do you want?’’ but there was no-one there.'

A series of half-recalled encounters with the supernatural that invoke a sense of shared memory about the ghosts that haunt all our lives. Borrowing the autobiographical format of I Remember, by the late experimental artist and writer Joe Brainard, Patrick Wray recalls and illustrates various episodes from his life where the supernatural may (or may not) have brushed against the everyday – from Rick Astley to the Holy Ghost.

Patrick Wray is originally from up North, but is now based in London. He has published various things over the years, most notably The Flood that Did Come (Avery Hill 2020); Grandad Reg (Kuš! 2022), in collaboration with Clara Heathcock; We Can Collect the Keys (Exit Press 2022), in collaboration with Clive Judd; and not forgetting Mirror Mirror (Colossive Press 2021).

(32 pages, A5 colour zine with card cover)